About Me

Hi! I´m Ksenia (aka "capuchacarmesi"- (crimson hood)). I´m 29, live in Spain at the Costa de la Luz with my beloved husband

I just LOVE cooking. Carlos Arguiñano, I´m your nº1 fan!
I´m a passional lover of PAPER CRAFTS, obsessed with finding new and interesting styles, ways of expressing myself with colors, textures, fabrics. 
I like to create mixing techniques together, -that´s the only way to wake up my motivation and get really inspired. 
Can´t work in "Clean & Simple" style, get terribly bored, that´s just not mine. 
Find it really hard and torturating to work with sketches, because once inspired, my imagination just flies away and it´s very difficult to stop it, so that at the end sketches find themselves buried under the layers of my work=)

I´m just mad about recycling, keeping any reciclable "garbage" that can be of any use in my work. You can find my creative projects based on recycling here.

I´ll be very happy to see you among my followers and readers.

Thank you and be happy!

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